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Lexisugar – How I feel ft. T.Nayah

Who is Lexisugar?

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Ita Alexander Akpan-Ita, Nigerian born record producer, audio engineer, musician, singer, songwriter, music consultant and owner of LexiSugar music group was born 5th May, 1990 in Ibadan Oyo state, Nigeria. He is a graduate of Covenant University Nigeria and Career Recording Connection New York.

As a budding producer, LexiSugar creates instrumentals and soundtracks for artists, movies and TV shows, including recording and audio engineering . He is the brain behind finished music by mixing and mastering records from various clients, molding them into shape and making them ready for radio.

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Early ChildhoodLexiSugar grew up with both parents, first of 4 children. Born and raised in a Christian family with a very active musical background, as both parents were singers in the church choir, his father back in the early 90s sang for top gospel artist Anne Inyang and many more till 2004.

He grew up loving artist renowned artists such as Majek fashek and Fela Kuti which stirred his love for afro and reggae music. He got his first little keyboard when he was four, and would just have fun with the sounds on it and in no time, he became conversant with the keys and sounds.

In his early high school years, at Faith Academy, Ota, he decided to take on a new artsy hobby in architecture due to his talent in drawing. Nonetheless, he was still musically active and played for his school soccer team till graduation.

Meanwhile his senior year became the turning point as he later stumbled on the bass guitar and he challenged himself to learn how to play the bass guitar on his own because of his major attraction to Abraham Laboriel, Integrity Music’s icon.

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