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Gallery: Iration at The Joint in Las Vegas, NV 02/10/17

California’s Iration rolled through Las Vegas last week, the final stop on their Lost & Found Winter Tour. While the members of Iration knew each other in Hawaii, it wasn’t until reconnecting in California that they decided to form the band, save for guitarist Micah Brown. They’ve been playing festivals and headlining their own shows for years, bringing their reggae rock to a massive amount of adoring fans night after night, city after city.

Maybe “fan” isn’t the proper word to use here. I love Iration’s music and have several friends that feel the same. Two of them were with me and we had a wonderful time. It was obvious that Vegas’ venue, The Joint, was full of others that felt the same! No, the term “fan” does not do the night justice. This was family. Throughout the entire night, the room was full of ear to ear smiles, laughter, dancing, and a wonderfully positive vibe. While I came with two people I knew, nobody in the room felt like strangers. Through the music, we were all connected like it was one gigantic party full of a few thousand of your closest friends.

Iration opened their hour and half long set with Hotting Up, the title track off their 2015 release. Continuing with others such as Turn Around, Midnight, Automatic, and Summer nights, the band crafted a euphoric night full of song and dance, song after song, coming to the musical climax of the night with Time Bomb, which was dedicated to all the Las Vegas Time Bomb’s in the audience.

You know how sometimes you come out of an action movie, you’re super pumped full of adrenaline, and think to yourself, “Ok, lets see someone try something with me now!” ? An Iration show is like that, just no violence, haha. All about the love! Come at me with your love and positivity. What else can you say? Words don’t quite do it justice, photos give you an idea, but you must truly be there in the moment to be part of this spectacular atmosphere. The lights, the sounds, the mood, it all comes together to form an amazing experience.

With all this positivity, you may be wondering if there is any low point during the night. Sure, of course. I feel as though the single worst moment during an Iration performance is when you come to the realization that it will be ending soon. As the band comes closer to playing their final notes during the night, the music may come to a close, but the wonderful familial vibe will be carried by all of us until the next show when we meet again.

Iration’s new acoustic release, Double Up, is available now via iTunes and Spotify

The group’s next appearances will be in Florida, Wyoming, and California. For more information on Iration:


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