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Ways For Musicians To Avoid Being Ripped Off


When you give away your music to the website of someone else, there is a high chance that you would be ripped off from the credit and therefore lead to debt. There was a time when internet first came to use, people were apprehensive about it and it is still the same if you do not use it wisely. When you know the correct way to use it then you can use it to the best and optimum level to enjoy the benefit of your music and its proceeds as well. Releasing music on the internet is very alluring, just like those beautiful items on the windows of the garment store that allures you to buy.

Knowledge Is The Key

You being a sensible and knowledgeable person know the ways to avoid such tempting offers and make unnecessary expenditures to fall into a debt trap. Similarly, having enough knowledge about internet and how it can save you from the dodgy recording deals is also important for a musician. People can listen or stream your music video live and enjoy without any interruptions or any one judging the quality of your music. You are the one who have absolute control and decide what you really want to put out on display.

Offering Something For Free  

To attract customers, it is always necessary to offer something for free. Just like any services or product selling, in music also you have to offer something especially which you did not have to sweat on creating. The business profit was based on the revenue that is earned through advertisements and to get a large number of advertisements you need to increase the number of traffic to your website. Once this is done, things become easy as you have to now only build up your brand name and sell through the IPO stocks. This is considered as the dot com philosophy and you can make millions in a day, albeit with some care.

Get Away From Promos

The principle of offering promos and discounts are just to attract and allure customers to make a purchase. More attractive the promo is, more people would crave to have it and some may even go out of their way and borrow money to own it. These are the people that fall into the debt trap in a financial market. Similar is the case in music as well. You may be asked by the website to give away free tracks and promos to the visitors to get them attracted towards you. This way people would get free downloadable songs and the website would make millions and you as the musician may or may not get some leads and sale.

Avoid Being Ripped Off

Use the download distributor to avoid being ripped off. Once any user visit here, the software can do the needful and you get your share of exposure as well. You could get more visitors to your website, listen to your music instead of buying and then sign up to your mailing list. This way you can stay in touch with your fans and get a better chance to sell new releases directly.



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