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Dean Wake releases debut album “Up North”

Dean Wake creates music far away from mainstream-polished ways. Rock-music is served in all facets: serious, heartfelt und genuine. Too rare are bands which draw their lines without constraints and frills. The songs and sounds develop their own charm; sometimes as a tender whisper and sometimes almost as a casual sketch. But beware! These delicate constructs are evolved masterfully by the four musicians into musical storms. Sometimes they lull, sometimes they shake the listener to its foundations. Sometimes they are tender strokes, sometimes musical punches in the stomach. Dean Wake and their songs describe life from it’s outlandish and disturbing side.

Dean Wake’s music is a balancing act. They depict love, loneliness, desire and the abyss and magic of life. Dean Wake is authentic and walks beyond the broad and beaten paths. Dean Wake riles up – Dean Wake is different.

Their debut album is now available on Spotify, Soundcloud, iTunes and Google Play.





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