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Interview: Deaf Poets

Based out of Miami Florida, alternative garage band Deaf Poets have hit many milestones in their career including touring with Mac DeMarco, getting noticed by Tony Hawk, and being named one of the “20 most influential people in Miami” in 2015. The band has just released their new single “Celestine” in preparation of the debut of their LP Love in Magic City and I recently got the chance to talk with them about records, the place they call home, and what it’s like to be compared to Led Zeppelin.
1.What was the inspiration behind your latest single “Celestine?”


Nico – The song started as a riff Sean played around during rehearsal. We both wanted to keep a slow and dark vibe that can also groove. We wanted to tell a story about a person and we borrowed from personal experiences to help develop the story.


2.What can fans expect from Lost In The Magic City?


Nico- This new record is completely different from our debut, “4150”. We wanted to strip it down the production and just focus on guitar, drums, and vocals. We wanted a heavier, faster, and darker sound for LIMC which differs from 4150. We also wanted to capture the vibe of our live shows in each track. What you hear on stage is the same you’ll hear on the record.


3.Your song “Degenerate Man” was chosen to be featured in the Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 video game. What was your first reaction when you heard that news?


Nico – I was with a longtime friend Jonathan in a restaurant when I got the news. We both grew up playing those games and skating all around Miami together, so it was surreal for both of us to say the least. So many iconic soundtracks in those games with bands that I look up to, so being part of that is truly an honor and I still don’t believe it.

4.Does Miami shape your music at all?


Nico – Miami is not only our home and the place we grew up, but its a huge influence in what we do. The new record is a collection of stories that have a direct relation to the city.

5.What did it  feel like to be named the best band of Miami in 2014?
Nico – We had no clue that it was going to happen! We were extremely surprised and very humbled. There are incredible local bands in Miami and being part of that community and being recognize is truly amazing.


6.You have toured with such bands as Best Coast and Matt & Kim. What is the biggest lesson you have learned while on the road?


Nico- We supported Matt and Kim during their Florida leg tour. We performed in Melbourne and Ft. Lauderdale, so it was an easy drive for us. We performed one show with Best Coast during a Halloween festival in West Palm Beach. The biggest lesson we took from those shows was the professionalism from everyone that was running the show and what it’s like to play for a bigger acts. It’s a completely different vibe than playing any bar or small venue.


7.Your music has been compared to Led Zeppelin and Smashing Pumpkins. How would you describe your music?


Sean- I guess we’re Grungy Rock n Roll….  Nico and I try to capture energetic and powerful tones with the occasional guitar solo. But we enjoy writing slower more syncopated examples like our most recent single “Celestine”. We always loved what Led Zeppelin and Smashing Pumpkins did sonically. The big tone of their guitars and drums but still have its unique characteristics that it always made you from a distance say yeah, that’s definitely Led Zeppelin or Smashing Pumpkins. We love majority of the rock and experimentation done in those eras of 60’s rock to 90’s grunge. It’s a fundamental root in the main influences of Deaf Poets. I can’t scream like Robert Plant or Billy Corgan but I definitely look at them as influence for how to approach singing. They both paid a lot of attention to melody and lyrics creating most of my favorite music. All the musicians in those two bands are Gods so to be compared to them is an honor.


8. What is the last record you bought?


Sean – I actually just bought two vintage LPs of Francoise Hardy. Her music is beautiful and worth translating her lyrics.


Nico – Run the Jewels 3. “Legend has it” is my favorite track to play along to. Sick beat.


9.What album are you most excited for in 2017?


Sean – I am pretty excited about Spoons upcoming album. Nico got me into them originally and I was a huge fan of their last album.


10. After your album release, what it up next for the band?


Sean – Definitely a lot of touring to support the album. We’re excited to be putting out a new music video for our single “Celestine”. There’s a lot in the works and some exciting ideas floating around but we’re going to keep it a surprise!

Check out the single “Celestine” HERE:

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