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EP Review. Valerie Orth: Wake You


Valerie Orth’s EP Wake You was recently released into the music world and the five song album is a melting pot of musical genres which allows Orth to stretch her talents and defy any boundaries set by the industry in which she is working.

The record opens up with “Call You My Own,” which has an undeniably surf rock vibe at the start with a worldly mixture of sounds. “Is it too late to call you my own?” Orth sings coyly, behind a heavy electronic instrumentation, fast paced with a catchy hook that will stay with listeners. The lyrics are intimate and relatable making the track very organic. It’s energized, especially by Orth’s vocals which burst with every word that comes out of her mouth. There’s definitely a dancehall feeling that comes with the tune but it is so much more than that. The layering and clashing of sounds shows that Orth isn’t afraid to experiment and think and sing outside of the box. Excellently produced it is a wonderful introduction to Orth and what she is capable of.

“Side By Side” is another example of Orth diving headfirst into uncharted territory. It definitely has a pop feel, especially on the chorus in which Orth speaks “it’s better when we’re side by side,” but the verses are a bit more brash, a little more Lady Gaga with an urban vibe. It’s hard to predict where the song is going to go and that is half of the fun of Orth’s music. It’s unpredictable. Orth’s delivery is playful and sweet but also slightly edgy and more modern which matches the fast changing movements of the tune. One could easily imagine it being played on the radio today and fitting right in with the current musical landscape, but make no mistake that Orth is more than just a pretty voice. She is a force to be reckoned with.

Another standout track is “Make Your Move” an anthem that is sultry and smoky and wholly original. Orth is following her own path on this album, but especially here, making a big impression on listeners. There are sounds of scratching records mixed in with the instrumentation which help propel it to one of the most unique songs on the EP. The percussion is the driving force here but so are the lyrics in which Orth says “when will you make your move? Do you need another clue?” Most importantly she states that she is not one to lose, in the most feminist and powerful way. Orth knows her worth and she not going to let a man define her. She comes off as strong and a bit sassy and in these particular times it is never been more relevant.

Every track on the EP has its own special flavor that Orth continues to surprise listeners with. There’s nothing like it on the music scene currently and Orth’s special blend is just the type of music one needs if they want a fresh artist to listen to who isn’t afraid to take risks.


Compositions - 8.2
Brekaing Ground - 8.4
Engagement - 8.3
Lyrical Voice - 8.2
Production - 8.4


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