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Gallery & Review: Bush live at The Wellmont Theater, Montclair NJ 12.29.16

Most of the time, technical difficulties are considered frustrating for artist and fans alike, but when all sound and lights were inexplicably cut mere seconds into “The Chemical Between Us,” the surprise break was met with remarkably good spirits. Back on the road for a handful of dates surrounding the end of year holidays, Bush was all smiles when their performance was cut short two songs into their set at The Wellmont Theater in Montclair, NJ. The energy of the initial two songs – “Everything Zen” and “Just Like My Other Sins” still bristling through the crowd, who chanted for an improv-acoustic set while the mishaps was sorted. We didn’t get an acoustic set. Instead, we were told we had to evacuate the building and wait outside in the crispy New Jersey winter night until the Montclair Fire Department stopped by to turn off the fire alarm.

While there was definitely some grumbling from the now chilled audience spilling across the sidewalk, it would take more than a prank to sour the mood. Despite the unscheduled 15 minute break, Bush returned to the stage to pick up where they had left off without sacrificing a single song off their setlist. The band’s high spirits were contagious and the night progressed with Bush’s usual bombastic performance. Heavily favoring 1994’s Sixteen Stone in their setlist, Bush is perfectly in tune with what the audience wants to hear, and so it’s no surprise that the four-song encore featuring “Machine Head,” REM’s “The One I Love,” “Glycerine” and “Comedown” was perhaps the strongest point of the night. The British rockers have thousands of miles on the road since their 1992 start, but they are by no means formulaic. Sure, fans can generally expect a consistently good show featuring some of the 90’s most beloved grunge-rock anthems, but no performance is ever a carbon copy of a previous night. Having had the opportunity to catch them a couple of times in the past year, I’d say last night’s gig was definitely one of their best.

Check out some of my shots of the performance below:

01. Everything Zen
02. Just Like My Other Sins
03. The Chemicals Between Us
04. The Disease of Dancing Cats
05. The Sound of Winter
06. Greedy Fly
07. Earth Keeps Burning
08. Monkey
09. The People That We Love
10. Swallowed
11. Lost in You
12. The Only Way Out
13. This House is on Fire
14. Little Things
15. Machinehead
16. The One I Love (R.E.M. cover)
17. Glycerine
18. Comedown

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