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Lesley Barth photographed at Attic Studios in Long Island City, NY. July 22, 2016

Single Review. “Best Thing” Lesley Barth


Lesley Barth’s album Green Hearts doesn’t come out until the end of January, but to hold listeners over Barth has released her first single “Best Thing” and it is a must listen to anyone who likes a little throwback vibe in their songs. The tune, mostly thanks to Barth’s soulful and honest voice, has a lot of the late great Karen Carpenter to it, and whether or not Carpenter was an influence on this particular track once you hear the similarities you can’t unhear it. “With just one kiss/all the feeling that we missed/came flooding back,” Barth sings matter of fact and also in an endearing tone that only true singer songwriters can do. The chorus is sweeping, full of emotion, and helps tie the verses together, rising and falling just when it needs to. Barth has a lot of passion which comes across not only in her voice but in lyrics such as “down on the street you get your fortune told/but what is it worth if you buy what you’ve been sold.” The background vocals add to the layers that Barth presents on the track, embellishing the song but never overshadowing her own commanding voice. If this is any indication of what Green Hearts has in store for listeners, we all better get our souls ready to be moved.

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