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Warden Takes A lighter Stand with ‘Visions’ EP

Typically dark electronic music producer Warden has taken a decidedly more fun approach to his craft with his newest EP, Visions.  Straying from his usual dark, heavy bass and themes, Warden takes us to more high energy club feels, but doesn’t lose his experimental flair!

With Visions I wanted to show off the melodic and bright side of myself. I’ve always loved that super hype, almost cheesy ravey, kind of sound. I really wanted to tie that vibe together with bass music. Plus it was a reminder for myself to not take dance music so seriously and just make stuff that’s big loud and fun.Warden

Download Warden ‘Visions’ on iTunes HERE!


Warden is a Pacific Northwest native, based out of Los Angeles. In 2013, he attended ICON Music School, where he developed the sound that embodies Warden today. Don’t be quick to put his passionate young artist into a category or genres. His influences are broad with interest ranging from metal and dubstep, to techno and hip-hop. With releases on EDM.com, Trapstyle, and Buygore It is becoming clear that Warden is to here to break boundary’s in the dance music scene.

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