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How To Choose the Ideal Recording Studio

You have what it takes to allow the masses hear your voice and music. Whether it is with writing your music, practicing your lyrics or having a place for the entire band to gather, you want to guarantee that you choose the perfect studio to create your musical magic.


When it comes to having your voice overs or music recorded in a professional studio, choosing the right one is very important.

Here are a few tips and pointers that we got from music producer Raz Klinghoffer who owns a recording studio in Los Angeles that can set you on the path to finding a high quality recording studio to get your projects going.




One of the first things that any band taking on a recording project needs is a budget. Whether it is a demo you are recording as a singer-songwriter, or a full album, five piece metal band recording, it is important to clearly know the amount of money you will have towards this project and what that money can buy.


It may be necessary to have a target amount and begin saving up for it. When calculating the amount that will be needed, it is important to take every tiny detail into consideration, even if they seem small, they will tap into your resources. Here are some things to consider in order to have an accurate total in mind:


  • How long will you have to be recording?
  • What accommodations will be necessary?
  • Where and what will be eaten?
  • How much will the actual recording cost?


Once you have a clear idea of the total price, you will not have to worry about simple things, even like running out of food in the middle of your project and you will end up saving as well.


The Studio


When looking over the studio you are considering, ask yourself a few key questions:

  • Will the entire band fit in this studio?
  • Will we be comfortable as we perform?
  • What about the location?
  • Is there anything unique about the faculty?


If there is ample space and the studio and offers the latest recording equipment, then you are a step to producing your audio.


Producers and Engineers


Become acquainted with the studio owner as well as the staff. Look into who will be in charge of the engineering of your audio and make sure that you can work well together. Being involved with someone who cannot see things from the same perspective as you is not a good idea. Here are some good tips on choosing the right producer.


Rates for Recording


You will have a more fruitful venture of you spend your money wisely. Just because they have high rates does not mean that you will be provided with high quality, and cheaper rates do not necessarily mean low quality. Inquire as to any discounts they may have and see about paying up front to reserve the dates you need.


Recording Equipment


Another important factor to consider when choosing a studio is the recording equipment. You will obtain the vets results with high quality equipment and an engineer who is experienced in properly operating it.


Take a Tour of the Studio


Last but not least, tour the studio. This provides you a chance to look over everything, see what goes on in the studio first hand and observe their processes as well as ask the needed questions that were mentioned above. You can also inquire as to who has recorded there in the past and how it worked out for them. Do your research, ask educated questions and choose the studio you feel will be the best for you.

These tips for Raz should help ensure you get the right studio for your recording.

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