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Album Review. Taylor Noelle: Out of My System


20 year old Taylor Noelle just released her debut EP Out of My System, a polished four song record that is sure to garner her praise from critics and fans alike.

The album opens with the near perfect “Too Good.” It’s a fast paced, quick witted tune that is both catchy and has depth at the same time. Noelle quickly makes a name for herself with her sharp tongue, and sass filled attitude that comes off as empowering and is refreshing to hear. Too many times a woman is portrayed as a fragile figure who is mourning the loss of her significant other but Noelle turns the tables around on this situation on many of her songs. Here in a full bluesy, hazy, fashion Noelle shows off her vocal chops, unique and full of a maturity past her age. “I’m too good for you,” she sings on the chorus, not one to be made a fool of, and one can’t help but see this tune as an anthem for all the women who don’t have the time to waste on someone who wasn’t good enough for them. With a slight Sabrina Carpenter vibe, “Too Good” is a kiss off song that really packs a punch and will leave listeners invigorated.

Similarly “Won’t Waste my Time” is another track that portrays Noelle as a strong woman who is not going to go weak at the thought of any person bringing her down. The vocals are strong and layered and have a smoky vibe to add texture to this pop tune. The chorus is infectious and once again can serve as an anthem of female empowerment which is always a delight to hear, especially in mainstream songs. This song would fit right in with top 40 radio, but also retains a slight edge making the total package something listeners will delight in hearing. Once again Noelle’s vocals are at the top of the game, with just the right mix of delicacy and power. At one point the tune turns into a slow jam, and though it is a bit of a surprise, it fits the song so well and really allows Noelle to showcase her voice. Though released in 2016 it has shades of the late 90s/early 2000s and that throwback element makes the song that much more special.

Closing out the EP is “Covers Me” a midtempo ballad that has wonderfully visual lyrics such as “the sun goes down to the emerald sea.” Those lyrics are the highlight of the song which really paint a picture of what Noelle is crooning about. It’s not Noelle’s best, and it is a bit of a change of pace from most of the other songs on the record, but this track allows her to be more vulnerable and show a different and softer side to herself. The chorus is captivating, and the electric guitar in the solo is placed in exactly the right spot. Noelle shines when she is being sassy and strong, so “Covers Me” feels like a step down from “Won’t Waste my Time” and “Too Good” but it is still a fine song.

Like “Covers Me,” the last track on the album“I Fall” again shows the more gentle side of Noelle. It’s a sweet love song, but it feels like a song one has heard a million times before. However nobody can deny the talent that Noelle adds so her voice immediately makes the song more palatable. The chorus is especially a great showcase for Noelle, even if it sounds a bit redundant in the musical landscape. Her voice sails along effortlessly, reaching the note of pain one feels mourning over the loss of someone they love. It has really lovely moments to it and with Noelle at the helm one really can’t go wrong.

So pick up the EP and discover this new talent before she inevitably becomes a household name.


Compositions - 8.6
Brekaing Ground - 8.3
Engagement - 8.7
Lyrical Voice - 8.5
Production - 8.7


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