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Top 5 Songs To Pump Up Your Next Workout

People enjoy exercising for a number of reasons. There is the ubiquitous ‘staying in shape’, the feeling of success that comes with exercising, the joy of pushing yourself even further and more. Helping make any workout possible is music. In fact, a majority of people who exercise prefer music while working out. Along with getting more pumped and feeling energized, music can help focus people’s attention on the task at hand, providing them the determination they need to see a workout through. Couple this with an appropriate diet and the right type of pre-workout supplement, and you will surely be able to overcome any fitness goal. With that in mind, let’s take a quick moment to review the 4 songs that you can use to pump yourself up during your next workout. Our list is aggregated from personal and professional lists compiled from those tried, tested, and true songs that always seem to get us pumped up.


1. Brass Monkey. Beastie Boys


Measuring in at 2:37 in length, you get nearly 3 minutes of heart pumping music to help you get past even the most challenging parts of your exercise routine. Beastie Boys is a popular choice for exercise as their high-energy music can keep many of us going even when we feel drained.


2. Drunk In Love: Beyoncé/Jay Z


Providing twice the length of Brass Monkey at 5:23 in length, Drunk in Love by Beyoncé/Jay Z gives you the motivation to get through your routine. A song that provides a little of everything, you can listen to it again and again to keep yourself motivated.


3. You Shook Me All Night Long: AC/DC


Want music that will keep you excited regardless of how boring your routine might be? You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC is an excellent example of a song that will keep your moving. You Shook Me All Night Long is 3:49 in length.


4. Wake Me Up: Avicii


As the song suggests, Wake Me Up by Avicii will do just that. At 4:09 in length, you get a song that will last through most reps and sets, providing you with the motivation you need to see it through from beginning to end.


5. Addicted To You: David Guetta


Want something that will help keep you motivated and energized even during the most draining parts of your routine? Have a crush or a breakup you want work through along with your exercise? Consider Addicted To You and stay energized and motivated all the way through your workout session. Addicted To You is 5:18 in length.


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