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Gallery: The Damned at Newcastle O2 Academy, 19.11.16

The Damned bring their 40th Anniversary tour on its next stop to Newcastle. The crowd is chattering and the bar is packed, nothing less from a crowd in the North of England. It’s a refreshing sight entering a punk rock concert in 2016 and seeing all types of people, ages ranging 18 to 58, crazy hair and 70’s tour shirts, studded jackets and Doc Martens in abundance, people of all variations all coming together to celebrate 40 years of one of Britain’s most infamous bands. This tour so far is looking to be a corker; with fans telling of how many dates they’ve followed, older fans reminiscing of the first time they saw The Damned, and the band set to perform the entirety of their debut album ‘Damned Damned Damned’ followed by a retrospective set of songs from their back catalogue. With a wacky introduction from Captain Sensible, it sets the bar for the rest of the night – you know you’re in for a load of fun and certainly some good music. Complete with moody and atmospheric lighting, the band play not a note out of place with Dave Vanian’s vocals strong and crisp throughout. The Damned show that they’ve definitely still got it. After performing an impressive 25-song setlist, they end on ‘Noise Noise Noise’, the only three words that you could use sum up the show perfectly.

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23 year old photographer, film maker and occasional writer from Newcastle, UK. Often found at punk rock shows. See you in the pit!

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