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Six Instagram Tips For Musicians

Instagram boasts over 500 million users that are active, making it an optimal platform to use social media to reach out to your online fans. Instagram lets you show your fans a little bit of your world behind the scenes, using photos and videos that you post. While you can gain some attention posting funny memes, viral videos, and inspirational quotes, if you want to really develop a fan community you will need a strategy. Here are a few ways you can improve your presence on Instagram.


  1. Explain Your Story


Your Instagram page can be considered your very own online magazine. You can use the videos and photos you post to tell a story. Choose content themes to showcase yourself as an artist, building a feed that is regularly updated. Some themes you could explore include performances, fashion and style, recording sessions, or spirituality.


  1. Establish a look for your photos.


When a fan visits your Instagram page, they see your last nine posts. You should ensure that these pictures give a consistent visual feel. Some people prefer photos that are bright and bold with eye-catching colors, while others prefer a more minimalistic and monochromatic style. You should also decide if your photos should have warm or cool undertones.


A photo-editing application such as VSCOCam can be used to edit photos to help them fit your theme.


  1. Have a consistent posting schedule.


Your theme is not the only aspect of your Instagram feed that should be consistent. Posting with regularity is essential if you hope to build up a good amount of followers. Sporadic and irregular posting can cause people to unfollow you. Additionally, adding some followers and views to your account can be a good way to make you look popular – try this tool.


You should try to post to your feed between 1-3 times per day. If you have a busy schedule, create your several posts ahead of time and use an app like Hootsuite to post them to your feed at your selected times.


  1. Take advantage of hastags.


Hashtags should represent your brand as well as feature words that potential fans would search for when using Instagram. Analytics tools like Iconosquare can be used to learn what hashtags your fans use frequently. Make sure to rotate which hashtags you use every once and a while, so they stay current with your fans ever-changing interests.


  1. Engage your fans.


If you want to really win over your fans, don’t expect to get comments and likes on your content without returning the favor. Ask questions of your fans and post photos with a call-to-action so they are inspired to interact. Like photos your fans post and leave a genuine comment or two about their content. Set a goal for yourself to interact with a certain number of your fans every week and your following will grow.


  1. Post at strategic times.


If you want to get the most engagement out of your fans, your content must be posted during certain hours. If you want to reach fans in all of the different time zones, post in the morning, afternoon, and the evening. You can also use apps such as Iconosquare to learn what hours your fans are most active. Watch their behavior for a month, then adjust your posting schedule to fit the most active times possible.

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