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Album Review: Ashes of My Regrets – Caricatures EP

Ashes of My Regrets have released their newest EP Caricatures, featuring five brand new songs including their latest single ‘Daydreams’. The metalcore quintet have assembled a series of engaging tracks that standout in a genre that is often saturated by prosaic productions. Unafraid of expressing their originality, Ashes of My Regrets have created an EP in which you will pick up something new every time you listen to it. Originating from New Jersey, the band is comprised by Brian Glennon on guitar, Adam Ferland on bass, Chris Ferland as vocalist, Juan Londono on drums, and Brandon Rodriguez on guitar.

‘Incorruptible’ introduces the EP right away with powerful guitar riffs and drums that lead into well-executed guttural vocals. The contrast of the clean vocals and the brusque screams allow for the instruments to move the song at a pleasant pace with an effortless flow. The final verse and outro reveal a softer approach to the musicianship of AoMR that places them at a different level of metalcore capabilities.

“Oh The Irony” is a fun and unpredictable track that juggles with the rhythm of its musical construct. The guitars were fast and precise while the bass kept the tone low and heavy. The soft vocals delivered the lyrics with perfect enunciation making an excellent juxtaposition of styles. It was slightly eerie and rather enjoyable to listen to.

The final track is ‘I’ll Be Damned’ and maintains to the end everything that the band stands for. Charged drums sequences, amped guitar riffs, and screams are balanced by melodic vocals. While the melodic vocals and bright piano keys create an arc of higher notes, the rest of the band pushes the song onwards with much intensity.

The EP as a whole is definitely not enough new music from this band. As a NJ-native and fan of heavy and aggressive music, Ashes of My Regrets have made this Jersey girl proud.


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