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A Darker Color Bright Mixes It Up With ADCBEP1.2

Mysterious electronic producer A Darker Color Bright’s debut EP, ADCBEP1, was a masterpiece of dreamy, ethereal soundscapes paired with glitchy ambient noise and otherworldly vocals, and he’s followed it up with a dance infused remix EP that speeds up the tempo while retaining the whimsical feel of the original, dark pop collection.  Not exactly dancefloor bangers, ADCBEP1.2 has a definite place at upcoming holiday parties.

Click HERE to Listen To ADCB 1.2

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A Darker Color Bright is a “dark-pop” mixed media artist based in the Midwest United States. Otherwise referred to as ADCB, this artistic project is made up of one single individual. This one anonymous cluster of energy is solely responsible for every aspect of A Darker Color Bright; writing, performing, instrumentation, directing, production, recording, engineering, mastering.

One person, every note, every instrument, every song, every time!

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