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Hailing from the landscapes of Israel, 30-year-old Singer/Songwriter & Recording Artist, Noa Deutsch, has been hitting the ground running since her insatiable pursuit of her passion for music.

Known in Israel as “the woman with the hat”, a reference to one of her fashionable characteristics, Deutsch made an appearance on TV-show A Star Is Born, similar to US’s American Idol, and garnered great critical acclaim and positive reception along with a growing fan base.

The success from her TV appearance led her to an opportunity to release her debut album. Her Hebrew album “In The Day I Was Born” officially released in 2014, and is self-reflective of Noa Deutsch’s life as a person and performer alike. The album was entirely self-written & composed, showcasing her natural talent both on stage and in the studio authentically.

in 2016 noa recorded her new international single “promise  me”  in the “village studios” in LA. now she working on her first international album with grammy winner
producer ghian wright.

As she continues to write and perform for her growing fan base, Noa Deutsch has been a major staple among her music soft rock/folk scene .
Be sure to Follow her on all social media platforms and keep checking into what she has coming up in the shortcoming as her career thrives forward.

* https://www.facebook.com/noa.deu/?fref=ts

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