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Interview with Knox Hamilton

ME: For those who don’t know you guys yet, how did you the band form?

Drew: Boots and Cobo are brothers. They’ve been playing music together for a long long time. Their dad is a pastor and they took a church in Little Rock, AR and thats the church where we meet them about fifteen years ago. We’ve been jamming for five or six years now.

Boots: We’ve been a touring band now for two years.

Andrew: Independently, we put out some EPs in 2012 and 2013 in our spare time writing songs and stuff but its not on the internet so don’t look for it, haha.

ME: Pinpoint moment when you realized your music was gaining attraction and going places?

Boots: I think the first time I heard “Work It Out” in the studio when we were recording it that was the first time where I was like “This is a real song” and that people would like it.

Drew: I think when we heard our song on the radio, Alt Nation, we thought this could be a thing.

ME: Congratulations on hitting a million views on the Washed Up Together music video. There’s a lot of love and positive feedback on it. Katy Perry shared and expressed her love for it. How did filming go for it?

Boots: Filming was intense. I mean, they made it fun as possible but at the end of the day you’re still getting vaccum sealed. The concept and video was made by Titanic Sinclair.

Drew: Yeah, we never expected it. Definitely screenshotted it and loss my breathe for a second.

Taylor: I don’t think there one person I didn’t send it to.

ME: Washed Up Together is an awesome single with lovely lyrics and overall you have some of the best lyrics. Do you have a favorite lyric you’ve written?

Taylor: I don’t wanna get use to not having you around. That is from “The Heights”.

Boots: I don’t just keep the pictures you’re smiling in. That’s from “Rightfully So”

Drew: There’s this word fun in Sight For Sore Eyes that says “Lana Del Radio”.

ME: Lana Del Rey fans? Favorite album of hers?

Boots: That’s tough. All of them, haha.

ME: Any artists/band you’re currently diggin?

Cobo: Boots and I on the way up her were listening to the new Bad Suns album. My favorite on it is Daft Pretty Boys.

Boots: Mine’s Patience or Disappear Here. Oh and Heartbreaker.

ME: You’ve toured quite a bit and with great bands, Coasts, Grizfolk, Colony House. Any best memories and highlight stories?

Boots: Hightlight for me was going on tour with Colony House and letting loose and really learning to let go and rock out. In the beginning, we were pretty reserved and now we embrace the rock n roll guitar driven side of the live show. For me, Colony House in terms of the Alternative indie scene is amazing. I would go pay to see him play, they’re so good. We definitely took a lot of inspiration and advice form those dudes.

Cobo: On the Grizfolk tour, there was this bar I can’t remember what it’s called but they had these slushies.

Drew: Oh yeah! They had invented this slushie alcoholic beverage with ice cream and toffee.

Boots: Also, there was a proposal at the Troubadour show in LA.

Cobo: Oh yeah, that was really cool!

Boots: Also happened on the Coasts tour.

ME:Any bands you would like to tour with in the future?

Taylor: Walk the Moon, please hear this.

Drew: We love Grouplove. They’d be a great band to hit the road with.

Cobo: Yeah, that’d be awesome. I’d love to tour with Joywave. They’re so good. And they’re funny which is too great.

Drew: They’re probably our favorite twitter account.

ME: Other funny Instagram account you guys love?

Boots: Daquan!

Cobo: True, but he steals a lot.

Taylor: Mine and Drew’s, we were talking about this earlier today, is Kirby Jenner.

ME:We’ll need to check them out! To conclude our interview. New music soon?

Boots: Yes for sure. We’ll be releasing a new song late October, early November. It’s sort of a feeler for the new album. The song is called “Never My Love”, it’s actually a cover, really good tune!

ME: Upcoming tour dates?

Boots: We have a Chicago show coming up next week.

Drew: And we have a few dates on the Alt Nation tour in Charlotte and Nashville.

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