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ZARDONIC Flexes His Metal Muscle With “Pure Power” Lyric Video

EDM Metalhead ZARDONIC’s Antihero album may be a year old, but his eOne debut is still an absolute masterpiece, and the crowds showcased in his internationally filmed lyric video, “Pure Power,” prove that he’s earned his spot at the top of Tower Records Japan Hard & Heavy and Foreign Lists, and why he’s joining some of the biggest names in rock and metal at  Loud Park Festival at Saitama Super Arena in Chūō-ku, Saitama City, Saitama, Japan on October 8, 2016.

EDM has been a growing force in the American music scene for a few years now, with the popularity of certain of the top DJs eclipsing that of the rock star gods of years before. At its core, though, the electronic scene has always been an underground phenomenon, and as much about the spectacle of the audience as the DJ’s performance. While the mainstream scene is currently defined by genres and subgenres, big names and bigger festivals, that original base of producers continues with their own cult following. One of those producers is Venezuelan born Federico Agreda otherwise known as ZARDONIC. Unlike many in the scene, who follow trends in subgenres (with new categories popping up daily), ZARDONIC has maintained an electronic metal sound. Whether it be categorized as Bass Music, Drum n Bass, Dupstep, what defines the ZARDONIC sound is that it is, at its core, metal music; it just happens to be electronically produced.Chris BianchiHuffington Post


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