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Interview with Peter Wise

“Peter Wise, originally from Boston, now resides in Brooklyn, New York where he writes, records and produces all of his music. In 2012 and 2013, Wise released his debut EP and LP respectively and spent the following years perfecting his sound. Wise’s release “On The Ground” has been featured on notable outlets including The EDM Network, Acid Stag, I Heart Moosiq, and Oblivious Pop. I Heart Moosiq praises Wise for his “balance between soothing electronic atmosphere and acoustic, soulful pop music.” Sharing the stage with the likes of The Eagles, Green River Ordinance and Luke Wade and collaborating with such acts as Chicago and Mali Music, Wise continues to write, record, and play out around the country. This past year included stops in Maine, Boston, Nashville, St. Louis, and Illinois. After releasing his debut music video via the music outlet Earmilk, Wise presents a more complete body of work: a seven song EP stuffed full of the rich lyricism and virtuosic musicianship that he is getting known for, with the exclusive premiere over at Myspace!”

His new EP, Without You Here is out today and New York City Folks, he is having the EP release show tonight at Bowery Electric.

ME: What got you into music?

Peter: I’ve been playing guitar since I was five and piano since i was 6. I started pretty young and my parents are pretty musically inclined even though they didn’t pursue music professionally. My mom played piano and my dad played trombone, so they often played music around the house. In middle school, I was in bands and during that time I really got hooked on performing and singing. And then I came here and I’ve been doing music for the past six years.

ME: What was the motive behind moving from Boston to New York?

Peter: Well I came to NYC for school and I just wanted to be here as do most people. I was really into jazz and playing guitar in high school and coincidentally arriving here, being a jazz major in school, I do want to do this singer songwriter thing. How much is going on creatively in the city is mainly the reason why I moved. Although, there always a lot going on, you can go off in your own world and when you’re not going out there’s an extra itch to be doing something which can be a cool thing to find inspirations at those times.

ME: New EP “Without You Here” comes out tomorrow and the release show tomorrow night at Bowery Electric. Have you played that venue before?

Peter: Yes, I’ve played there a couple of times. I have a friend who does some booking there. I have never done my own shows, that are just me. I’ve opened for other bands and I played there over the summer. I really like that venue, it definitely has great sound.

ME: Talk to me about the EP. Where were you in life?

Peter: I had graduated from college and I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I moved back to Boston with my family for about a month. My parents then moved actually to Hong KOng so there was a bit of uncertainty at that time. It was a phrase overall of uncertainty and what to do next also involving a relationship. As much of a cheesy cheesy it is, it is a coming of age EP, you could say. I mean getting to twenty two, twenty four and thinking you’d be further along and realizing you still have a lot to figure out. A Lot of that was musically as well, trying to figure out how I wanted to sound like musically. I love Bon Iver, The National, Bob Dylan and classic songwriters but also you know Kanye, Drake. I love combing that groove orientated singer songwriter music. I think also as a producer, I try to mix all these different interests in styles of music and make a whole. I believe this EP, “Without You Here” does that. My song, “Denial” is pop and up tempo and then my songs On the Ground and Go On are a little down tempo and mellow. I think in sound and lyrical content they are a whole and a balance of all sorts musical influences.

ME: You’ve done a couple of Youtube covers. I really enjoy them. Will you be doing more?

Peter: Yes, for sure. My friend who is a videographer and has been helping me with visuals and he helped me do a music video for my song, “Sweet Solitude” and that was literally just the two of us. No crew, no lightning, just two guys. I had an idea for it and he helped me flush it out. We filmed it in Prospect Park, around where I live, and it was just nice to go out near by and see a bridge that looks awesome and start filming. My sound is very much with a band so even though I go by my own name, I’ve been playing with the same guys for a while. They’re a big part of what I do. My bass player is actually my roommate as well who I spend way too much time with in these past six years. I mean they’re fun to make and to answer the question, I’d love to make more and with the band.

ME: Future plans?

Peter: Yes, I’m actually going out to LA in a couple weeks. I have a show there at Hotel Cafe which I’m really psyched about. I also have a sick radio show performance coming up soon. And a few weeks later, I have a show at Rockwood Music Hall end of October and then a college show at Penn State. My goal is to get another EP or a few singles out in Spring 2017.

Peter Wise Socials:

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