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Gallery: Sleigh Bells at Le Poisson Rouge, NYC 09.08.16

Hey,  read the lyrics below and then go check out the video, immediately after.  Then come back and we’ll talk a little bit about Miya Folick and her band.

“How can you hear me? I don’t make a sound.  I’m just a chemical reaction. I’m just a taste in your mouth. I am just a brain with a pet body.”

Check out her “Pet Body” video here.

Her music catches you right?  And you have to admit, she does have something interesting to say; she has in interesting perspective on all-things-life.

The crowd at Le Poisson Rouge, when she opened for Sleigh Bells sure thought so. They complemented her set with shouts of “I love you!” and various other, non-intelligible ( but energetic and funny ) murmurings that concert goers are known for doing when they really, really like a set.

She’s poignant and puts on a great performance.  She’s playing Union Club in LA on October 13th!  Get out to see her!

So the crowd was pumped right?  That’s a good thing because Sleigh Bells were up next.

It was a fun and wild ride to see them perform! Such a fun night and you’re lucky, because there are still some November, West Coast ( USA ) dates on their tour schedule, and a date London.

Their next album, Jessica Rabbit is due to drop on November 11th and you can be pre-ordered here.

Sleigh Bells:

Miya Folick:

Photos & words by Claudia Ines

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