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Lowkey 1000 – Smooth Crimanal

Lowkey 1000
Biography Antonio “Lowkey 1000” Andrews is a business-minded rap artist and songwriter who is preparing to take his place among the stars. Mr. Andrews’ “Loyalty Over Everything” motto is anticipated to help him quickly rise to prominence. He is a future music mogul you will not soon forget.

Hailing from a small suburb just outside of the urban music mecca known as Atlanta, Lowkey 1000 puts his heart and soul into his music. He was heavily influenced by legends such as T.I., Outkast, Jay-Z, Juvenile, Master P, and Snoop Dogg. His style also incorporates music from the golden years, whether it be 70’s soul music or 90’s R&B. Lowkey 1000 endeavors to write quality lyrics that both entertain and capture the ear of his listeners so that it does not fade away.

In 2010, Lowkey 1000’s life took an all too familiar turn that we hear from artists of the rap genre. But turning a negative into a positive is Lowkey 1000’s specialty. He has the distinct ability to use his influence to help prevent others from traveling down the wrong path and he fully intends to employ any effort he can to do just that.

Lowkey 1000 is determined to be a responsible role model and he plans to use music as an avenue to educate others about the perils of street life and to provide an opportunity to make their dreams come true in a lasting sense. He has taken the first step toward that goal by purchasing a studio and starting his own label, LOE Music.

Lowkey 1000 is gaining as much experience as he can by laying down the proper foundation for a successful career in entertainment. He is putting in work on regional stages, while promoting his mixtape “Swear 2 Tell Da Truth”, currently available on Soundcloud. Lowkey 1000 has not yet had the opportunity to work with major players, but when that time arrives, he hopes to collaborate with producers such as Zaytoven, Kanye West and Londen On Da Track. This may seem like lofty goals, but Lowkey 1000 is most definitely resilient and focused enough to achieve them. He is determined to bring a unique sound back to not only his city, but his chosen genre.

Lowkey 1000 is definitely an artist to watch. His passion for his craft is certain to seal his fate into a long and successful career in entertainment. He wants his music and songwriting abilities to touch the entire planet and he works hard to make his dreams come to fruition.


Lowkey 1000’s Social Media:

Twitter @tonylowkey86

Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/user972439737

Facebook Tone.Drew.7

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