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Interview: State Of Mine

Questions answered by Steven Jodway of State Of Mine

Tell us the story behind State Of Mine.  
We are 5 friends who are pursuing our passion for music and chasing down the dream at the same time.

What is the intended sound and image of State Of Mine?  How did you all come together and develop your image and sound? 
We really have a down home hard rock feel, and there is no real image that were trying to portray. All 5 of us are real guys who love whiskey, women, fast cars, bonfires, and partying with everyone from all walks of life.
Our sound developed naturally, we didn’t go, “OK, here’s what we need to be/sound like” we play what feels right and because of that we play a lot from the heart and use who we are, as inspiration for our songs and ideas.

Why exactly is the EP named Devil In Disguise?
We all took turns with name ideas as all proud parents do with their bundle of joy!
It gives a small description of a reoccurring theme in the album.


How would you describe your music to a potential fan?  To a writer? To your grandmother?
We are a corn field bonfire where the whole town comes to get down. There’s kids playing in the yard in the day time and whiskey shots, women, and burn out contests as the sun goes down. Welcome to the show Me-maw!

What are your specific pre-show rituals?
We all like to have a few cocktails before, and we hang out with our friends coughing in a circle.
A lot of high fives and good vibes.
Our shows are where we try and shine the brightest.

What is the craziest live show you’ve ever done?
It wasn’t necessarily crazy, but we played a 3 1/2 hour whiskey and jager fuelled show for a motocross event in the back of a abandoned semi trailer that had the side torn off and the floor boards were rotting through! It was a good show, but it was nuts!

If each of you could choose your #1 dream sponsor, what brand would it be and why?
I Steve, would love to have a sandal sponsor. I couldn’t tell you what brand as I don’t discriminate, I just hate shoes, its a prison for your feet.
Corey would like a life time supply of Löwenbräu for obvious reasons.
Matt would like Bush lite, he said they don’t have to sponsor him, just a “free sixer would rock.”
Shawn says Schecter, they make amazing products.
And Mike would like to be sponsored by Pfiser. Because he’s a dick.

What is more important to you, Facebook or Twitter?
We use both platforms for our social media.
It seems like the Twitter puts more on the individual member of the band, where Facebook is more of a tool or avenue for people to use to find out information on the band.

You’re facing a horde of zombies, who are you with and what’s your weapon of choice?
Easy, Chuck Norris and the second part is redundant as I have Chuck Norris.

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