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The Retakes – Trash (EP) Review

The Retakes – Trash (EP) Review

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Minneapolis natives The Retakes have released a new 4-track EP entitled Trash. The alternative punk rock band is comprised of members: vocalist Miles Halverson, Guitarist Casey Norman, vocalist and bassist Donnie Kirksey, and drummer Evan Floyd.

Utilizing podcasts, static, radio station segments and other unique sound bites to compose their punk rock tracks, The Retakes create an interesting listening experience. The songs are interesting with varying topics and a few different aspects of their vocals and instrumental styling is showcased throughout each track.

I personally found their sound to be a bit sloppy. The vocals were difficult to understand and follow. Even after a few listens I couldn’t really tell you what the songs are about. Their punk rock sound is on point but the delivery needs a bit of work. There is so much time and effort put in to recording a track that I want to be able to understand it and give it the appreciation it deserves. There also wasn’t a lot of variety in their sound and the tracks sounded a lot like each other. I would love to see more depth, dimension and variety in future EPs or albums they release.

The EP, Trash, had a lot of energy. There is definitely a lot of passion behind their music regardless of my personal preference. I think they make a great addition to the punk rock scene and with a bit of improvement I really see them going places in the future. Sometimes all it takes is better equipment to completely change a sound.

YOU TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-ssaR6JdWI

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