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The Fylls – Interrupted

The Fylls – Interrupted

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Bringing around their debut album for a spin, Interrupted, the band The Fylls out of New York City have taken their strong influences ranging from Wilco, The Pixies, Nirvana, Rain Machine, The New Pornographers, The Strokes, the Beatles, and even American Poet and Author Charles Bukowski. As this conglomeration seems to be superimposed upon their sound, you can sense it permeating within each groove. Interrupted is a black cup of New York City coffee that has been stirred into their own socially conscious brew. Plus, they are offering their debut EP, Interrupted, for free. Yes, social conscience must have driven them to live their words placed on paper and plugged into the streaming world of down loadable music. And you know what? You will be glad. This is good stuff. Interrupted has legs to stand, on a backbone to take the hits, a heart to feel the truth, and the soul to reach and mix it into faith. 

The social conscience appears throughout The Fylls’ new album, and feels almost like a soft cashmere sweater, which has been slightly worn at the elbows, borrowed from the land of Mister Rogers. The Fylls music is comfortable, even in the fashion mix of the daily grind of social injustices as in the heat of the American cities heartbeat. Interrupted is the hallmark of a social documentary put to lyrics and embellished into a sound that makes music. It is richly diverse and a small indefinite quantity of obscurity. This is the East Coast Indie sound, found, bound and wrapped into a pretty little diddly from The Fylls and it is to be savored by the metropolitan masses. Artfully presented and soulfully injected rock. 

The Fylls (pronounced the Fills) is made up of band mates, Brian LoBianco (keyboard/ukelele/trumpet/vocals), Erica Robinson (bass player), Jordan Rhodes (guitar/harmonica player), Rick Troise (drums), and Jeff Tan (synth/keyboard/acoustic/guitar). They are an important combination upon this time line of music making and history. Their breath of harmonious juggler punch has taken what is real and placed it much like the times during the 1960’s into a social conscious song, albeit with a grunge lunge of flannel wrapped 90’s shirts.  

The EP, Interrupted, is an artfully and exhaustively look into all the bittersweet and delicate subject matters of social conscious. It carries with it the distinct ability to tell a truth and all the light-handed skills hiding under a coiffed tempo together all spinning into this albums harmonies. As the band looks to their future, with the resolve to grow their audience and record more music this debut, Interrupted, certainly shows it is very doable. In their tight and upbeat grooves, The Fylls undoubtedly will continue to liberate quality numbers, this is just their genesis and it has been received with promise. Landing them squarely in a vast sea of indie artists, yet The Fylls surprisingly do not convey the same generational boredom or typical banter of spin as their peers at times do. This is their own branding of susceptibility on trial and measured with art forms rekindled.  

EARBITS: http://www.earbits.com/albums/interrupted

by Jane Porter 

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