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A Long Overdue Feature of Almost Dawn

Almost Dawn is the new era of alternative rock music. They are revolutionizing the way rock n’ roll is being played throughout the world. The diverse background of the band members has created a unique blend and interesting mix. Describing their music as a blend of classic and modern alternative rock, they have brought their unique sounds to many fans across the country. Fans of all ages have declared Almost Dawn as the next big band to break out from Orange County.

The band received their name by constantly practicing into the hours of the early morning (almost dawn). Driven by passion and intensity Almost Dawn continues to leave their mark on music fans in need of a fresh avenue. The diverse background of the bands members has created a musical styling like no other.

Almost Dawn has performed at several local venues and continually receives applause for encores. They have shown success in music competitions by continuously placing in battle of the band concerts.

The band members are continually interjecting new sounds and style to their music. From electric to acoustic, upbeat tempos to ballads, Almost Dawn is versatile and ready to experiment. Some of their noteworthy songs include 27 Dresses, Cinderella & Cry Out.

The Members

Vocal: Shelley Foerster
Lead Guitar: Chris Foerster
Bass: Jean-Claude Buie
Drums: Chino

The members of Almost Dawn have played it all. From Long Beach dive bars to Sunset Strip clubs. The band began playing music in 2008 started by Chris Foerster and his cousin Jerad Burns as a hard rock group. Eventually the band took a different direction and decided that Alternative Rock was a better fit. Since then the group has been consistently innovative with their music.

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