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Gianfranco Tronu

Hi, I am Gianfranco Tronu, happy to meet you.
Official Youtube’s Partner with my channel:
I show me:
Italian, 52 years old, married, i have a little girls 7 years old.
Software Analyst, computer’s programmer by 35 years.
Vocaloid’s Programmer
Music Composer, ’cause music is my life.
I use artificial voice in my covers.
My main question is:
Is there a way to make good music without human singers and human musicians ?
I don’t know, but surely computer performs what i give it without any error!
In my  youtube channel you will find several videos.
There are famous covers and also my personal instrumental music.
In my personal music, computer performs all instruments.
You can choose what you want and you are free to choose what you like.
I am sure you are more able than me to promote the best.
I have no time to follow also the best method to promote me.
If you need anyway a youtube video address i can only suggest the following:
“The Great Gig In The Sky” by Pink Floyd and Torry (second version)

It’s the video with more views.
Band’s photo (I am alone)  is the Peace Symbol.
You will find it in attachment with my little info.
My Photo is not important.
Again, happy to meet you.

Best Regards

Gianfranco Tronu
Official Youtube’s Partner

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