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SixTwoSeven Album Release Show at El Corazon, Seattle, Washington

Alternative Rock is making a comeback in a big way, and SixTwoSeven are running the show. SixTwoSeven took center stage at their album release show for Some Other’s Day. Blowing away the crowd at El Corazon in Seattle, Washington, the group took the stage with an ambitious and lively nature that securely places them on the map of Seattle greats.


Singer Greg Bilderback prowled the stage as he took to the microphone like an old pro. The band’s spirit came alive as they played tracks such as new single “Wreckless Soul,” which has been making the rounds; which immediately drew me in wanting more. Their stage presence brings the songs to life as they pour their heart and soul into the music.


To be of note; Bilderback has been a drummer of several Seattle-based bands in the past, and SixTwoSeven is his first time taking center stage…and it fits him like a glove. The crowd was adoring the band for their hometown show, as they were welcomed with open arms. Stop Don’t Stop, Halcion Halo and Drive on Mak helped to round out the show, but the true stars of the night were SixTwoSeven. Shine on…

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