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EP Review. Bitter Kiss: Love Won’t Make You Cry


Every once in a while an artist seemingly comes out of nowhere with music that will blow listeners away. Such is the case with Chloe Baker (AKA Bitter Kiss) and her EP Love Won’t Make You Cry.

There is not a weak link on this five song album in which Baker bubbles with pep while at the same time addressing hardships and melancholy topics.

The title track “Love Won’t Make You Cry” is a piano driven, slow burning tune in which Baker talks about all the things love won’t do to a person like hang one out to dry or burn them. Her voice is angelic and soulful at the same time proving that she can go toe to toe with any current female singer currently in the business. The words and the way Baker delivers them come across as entirely effortless, her voice and message sailing along, easy on the ears. Baker is also a master storyteller, and her story here is flawless, one can’t help but believe in every word that she utters. It’s one of the best tracks on the record and has all the ingredients to make Baker a household name.

“Friday Nights” uses sparse instrumentation and Baker’s haunting voice and melancholy lyrics to deliver an unforgettable song. The structure of the tune is very simple but it works, guitars and a thumping drumbeat which accompany Baker repeating “Friday nights are getting cold.” It has an earthy and gritty feel to it which goes hand in hand with the plain and entirely effective way the song is constructed and delivered. In the same way The Chapin Sisters have mastered folk music, Baker shows here that she is more than just a pop singer with a depth and maturity that is missing from most top 40 radio hits.

The absolute standout of the album is the very first track “No One Will.” The song is upbeat with Baker’s ethereal voice shining front and center, and very trendy snapping fingers in the background, but the content itself is very dark as Baker sings about the sad state of her love life. “No one will ever kiss me/No one will ever miss me,” she declares but also mentions on the positive side that she will also never get hurt. Baker offers a very cynical look on love “I don’t mind watching couples hold hands/I hope they’re happy cause they won’t be in the end,” and it’s that very honest portrayal and bitter perspective that makes the song more than just another pop tune.

Every track on the EP has something different to offer to listeners, so go and take a listen and check out some refreshing sounds.

Compositions - 8.9
Brekaing Ground - 8.5
Engagement - 8.8
Lyrical Voice - 9.3
Production - 9


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