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Suzan’ah Free – Sweet Tropical Dreams

YOU TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5hMqmtncPA

Self taught musician and singer Suzanah Free has released a new album entitled Sweet Tropical Dreams.

Exposed to jazz, Broadway, old songs of Hawaii and Latin rhythms at a young age by her parents, Suzanah taught herself how to play the ukulele, guitar and piano which she uses to bring her love for music alive. She will often play solo or with the Kona Beat band. She brings her Island influenced sound to festivals, private parties, resorts and special events.

The album itself has a very tropical, beachy vibe to it and I can imagine her performing barefoot in the sand with ukulele in hand. It is a very pop driven album with Island influence. She incorporates Hawaiian into her album with songs like No Ka Oi and Who Was The Lolo Who Stole My Pakalolo. The lyrics are very uplifting and calming on many of the songs. Her cover of The Lion Sleeps Tonight was very fun and a great addition to the album. Of all of the songs I enjoyed Love of My Life the most. It is a beautiful song.

While she is very talented and the songs are nice, it did come off a little cheesy at times. I had difficulty listening to a few of the tracks as they reminded me of songs that would be on a children’s program. In the future it might be nice to hear a little more depth and variety in her music and lyrics.

With that said, I still find the album to be relaxing and calming. It’s nice to hear the ukulele incorporated and it gives the song a beautiful, unique sound accompanied by Suzanah’slovely voice.

To check out this fun Hawaiian paradise inspired album, visit her website at www.suzanahfree.com. This album is sure to make you want to lay by the beach with fruity-umbrella drink in hand.

by Breanna Davis

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