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Producer Next To Blow: Valley Guy

“Valley Guy”

Mikhail Lamont Ramsey Born April 5, 1991 is a Songwriter, Instrumentalist, and Saxophonist. He was raised in Jacksonville NC. At the age of 8, he went to Radio Shack to get a remote control car, but his dad brought him a keyboard instead mysteriously realizing he held a Key in Music. His parents then forced him into Piano Lessons for 6 years and band throughout grade school which he hated, although found it interesting that his Piano Instructor was born in 1903. By the age of 12, Mikhail was introduced to FL studios 3 where he began to express his music. With the influence from his cousin’s he began mcreating hip-hop instrumentals for them, yet softer instrumentals for mom. Although Mikhail grew up in church as a kid, he never liked going. He liked to party, dance and hangout instead. But in 2008, at the age of 17 he and his family started to attend a smaller church.

As soon as they sat down the Pastor’s wife came to his mom with a very worried look; saying that she feels a presence of music amongst the family and that she didn’t really know how to explain it. Mikhail then told her that he knew how to play the saxophone and instantly she and her husband went and purchased one for him to play. In 2010 Mikhail moved off to college and later pawned his sax for money. He gained recognition with his hip-hop instrumentals throughout campus where he then came up with the stage name Sick Beatz. In 2011he decided to drop out of College to pursue his free life with Music.

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