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Tory Hanna & The Pondsiders are “Learning to Share” with New Album

Tory Hanna & The Pondsiders releases their ambitious new record, Learning to Share, out on August 19th via Brooklyn-based Electric Giant Productions. Led by modern-day musical troubadour Tory Hanna, the band’s latest endeavor inspired by the natural beauty of the Berkshire Mountains; a place that hits close to home for Hanna.

11-tracks fill the record, with lead single “Waiting On You,” jumpstarts your heart and perks your ears for the rest of the record. The enticing Indie-Folk sounds are laced throughout the record, as each piece instantly shows that is it a labor of love.

Frontman Tory Hanna says of the album:

“The main inspiration behind the record and the particular name, Learning to Share, was an attempt at creating music that extends beyond just the music itself and reaches deeper into the way we interact as humans and our larger interaction with the world we live in. The songs and stories that embody it span across a wide array of themes and topic areas, I thought what better way to try to articulate the tale of what it means to learn to share than through a musical experience. Learning to Share is about existing in the world, with social opportunities and injustices, appreciation and awareness with the planet we all share, growing up and experiencing heart ache, and a whole range of related issues. Children begin the process of learning to share perhaps with toys or sharing their words to learn how to articulate what they want. Grown ups must learn to share with work, between colleagues and friends and family. My thought was that if we all spend more time learning to share and focusing each day’s efforts squarely at that notion, the world might be a better place, with less conflict perhaps less war, and a greater appreciation for each other’s state of being. It’s also about sharing music with fans and the joy that brings to artists, in addition to the joy of experiencing music and its role in bringing people together for a common experience. I’ve been inspired for quite a while to put together a concept album in this way, and couldn’t be more thrilled to be releasing it to the masses!”

Throughout the record Hanna reflects on a transitional place in his life, as he touches upon elements of love, sorrow and hope. Standout tracks include pieces such as “A New Tomorrow,” which offers up hope for the future, as well as “Going Fishing,” which takes the listener’s journey, and record itself, to new heights (and shores!).

Tory Hanna & The Pondsiders pour their heart into the record, as the eclectic record leaves no stone unturned. Showcasing their talents not only as a songwriting force, but as performers, Learning to Share brings to life the struggles in a personal journey that many can relate to.


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