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Clay Melton Band

Clay Melton Band

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The Clay Melton Band plays like a musical guest tossed into a scene of your favorite youth drama, a la “One Tree Hill.” Fun, sly, and full of attitude, they are no less or more than what you paid for. They are exactly what you expect from their name alone. Not to call it “white” music, but hey, why be politically correct. Fresh out the gate with “Tonight” they are in your face, but the second track shows you a more delicate side with a mix of Queen angst and soul. With the Clay Melton Band you get two sides worth visiting.

This Houston trio delivers with the EP by showcasing more than usual Texan sensibilities. Home is where the heart is, as they say, and “Home” spends its time yearning to come back. It is a universal theme and should appeal to most on a broader scale. It showcases the best vocals of the short, 4-song EP. It paints a narrative of a boy and a girl. “For that piece of happiness his love will reside/He said he’d come back on day for her/To begin a brand new life/He searches on.” It also brings us the best line in the EP. Isn’t searching something we constantly do in our lives? Here, home is not a past place. It’s a destination. It is meant to be found. “I’ve come to find you/Please come home” Clayton sings so vulnerably.

“Remember” picks the pace back up and showcases that aforementioned attitude. “There’s nothing in this world to believe in anymore/Too much conversation at the door.” Talk about not wasting time with the wrong girl. “I’m not gonna lie/I kind of like it when you cry.” Love is a battle and something the war is a fun escapade to endure. He really hates and loves this girl so much. The percussion plays like the beating of a pissed off heart, and we also have some of the best riffs displayed of the four tracks. “There’s a better reason for leaving my door,” Clayton belts by song’s end. It’s Clayton’s most aggressive, but it’s welcomed.”

“Stop and listen to the soft sound/Love running away/Quiet myths escape and one day you wake/There’s nothing inside/No this wasn’t my plan/To be part of something so cruel.” This is one band that knows how to balance soft and hard with ease, transitioning from one to the other. The EP ends on a delicate note, sobering us to life’s cruel joke. We get what we expect from these boys from Houston, Texas. It’s a wild party when needed, and a crying game when necessary. That’s life for you, right? Here, The Clay Melton Band EP knows its audience well – probably girls – and it delivers on that end. I look forward to the band’s full length release. We would expect more songs on both ends of the spectrum, quiet and soft mixed in with rage and pain – mostly by girls – all the while showcasing some great, relatable lyrics. The Clay Melton Band EP is a solid release worth more listens.

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by Erman Baradi

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