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Interview: Death Koolaid

Tell us the story behind Death Koolaid. What does the name mean?

Our name is inspired by the Jones Town Massacre. Jim Jones basically killed 900 people, some he had murdered and some he persuaded to drink poison. It’s one of the most explicit and outrageous examples of brain-washing and ideological exploitation, but on a more basic level we witness the same baffling processes in our daily lives – buy this, eat that, listen to them, vote for her. Drink the Koolaid. This bothers us. That’s where our name comes from.

What is one characteristic of each member that you can share with us?


Siren – Screams, all the time. But in tune.
Roy – Basically illiterate, Can’t read or write, pretty good at noise making.
The Crow – Caring and compassionate, cry’s alot.
The Crossman – Generally awful. Absolutely fucking awful person, Just horrible.

What is your personal definition of success?

Big audiences getting as much of a kick out of our performances as us.

What would make you feel like Vol 2 was a success?

Recording Vol. 3.

Does Vol 2 have a base theme or is each song an individual story in itself?

Most of our songs push a basic ethic and meaning, which is no secret, although it’s more explicit in some songs than in others.

What is your favorite track off of the album? Why?

Siren – “Mirror” because I love the intro and the way the song builds. The verses are a bit different and the chorus hits you in the face with brutal aggression.

What is the specific story being told in the video “Kids”?

A bunch of terrified and bewildered children running away from what appears to be a backstreet place of worship. It’s basically a direct translation of our band’s philosophy, caricaturing the power of fear and control. We actually find this video quite funny.

You’ve definitely made your mark in the UK, with playing massive tours and winning UK Emergenza Battle of the Bands and “Best New Band” at the Pure Rawk awards, any US tour plans in the works?

We would love to. It would be great to go on a US support tour with a bigger band. Just gotta find the right band and get begging. We are also looking for management at the moment.

Anything coming up that you’d like to share?

We are heading all around the UK over the next couple of months, come see us if you can and go grab the new album on the 25th August. Listen to us, like us on facebook, watch our videos on youtube, and come to our gigs! x

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