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Album Review: Metal Allegiance – Fallen Heores

Metal Allegiance is back at it again with their new EP Fallen Heroes, out now on Nuclear Blast records. Fallen Heroes pays tribute to Glenn Frey, Lemmy Kilmister, and David Bowie. For those of you who don’t know who Metal Allegiance is, they are one of the best Supergroups to ever exist. The band is always blast to see live, as you never know who may just show up.

Iron Fist is the first song on the EP. It’s a great rendition of the Motorhead classic. For the vocals on this track, the guys brought in one of their friends from Mastodon, Troy Sanders. Troy has the perfect voice for this song and it really shines as he honors Lemmy. Overall, it’s a moving song that blow you away and lets the true talent of Metal Allegiance shine through. These guys are the real deal and truly unique – they can make every song sound phenomenal.

The second song on the EP is a tribute to the one and only David Bowie. Metal Allegiance does a spectacular cover of Suffragette City. Losing David Bowie passed in early 2016 had an impact on everyone and especially on Metal Allegiance. Bassist Mark Menghi recalls Metal Allegiance was in San Francisco, CA playing a show when they found out mid-set that Bowie had passed away.

“I remember coming off stage to trade bass duties with David Ellefson (we would rotate songs) and he stopped me, looked me and Osegueda in the eyes and said “Dude, Bowie just passed away.” Literally in mid-set we got that news. I looked at Mark and he was in tears. Not even a minute later, he was on stage telling the Bay Area crowd of the news he just learned. I turned to the side and looked over at Mike Portnoy and he just had his head down with his hands over his head trying to comprehend what Mark was saying. The next few songs was our Lemmy tribute and tears rolled off all of our eyes while paying tribute to one while learning of the passing of another.”

The final track on Metal Allegiance’s Fallen Heroes EP is Life In The Fast Lane. Alissa White-Gluz takes the mic on this one and you may recognize her from Arch Enemy. Her powerful vocals prevail and along with the soloing of Alex Skolnick, it’s the perfect combination. The passion shown on this song will leave you breathless, wanting more.

This EP from Metal Allegiance was made with tears, sweat and adrenaline. It’s done so clearly, as it radiates through each track. These fallen heroes honored on this EP will be smiling down from above. Watch for Metal Allegiance hitting the road again, as this is a show you don’t want to miss. Just imagine all of your favorite artists on one stage, jamming, and celebrating metal like it’s never been done before. That is Metal Allegiance.

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Compositions - 10
Brekaing Ground - 9
Engagement - 10
Lyrical Voice - 9
Production - 9.5


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