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Buffalo Singer’s Video Goes Viral at almost 400,000 views.

Bunkered down at a radio station in Atlanta, Ga one winter evening, one of Buffalo’s talented artists Mack Benton was in an all too familiar situation. With technology, the Internet and the evolution of music over the past few years, many question whether new artist sound as good as they do on records as they do in person. So the radio personality posed the challenge live on air, and this talented singer was up for the challenge. In a split second, Mack Benton had to figure out not only what to sing, but how to sing it to the millions of listeners. Usher. Superstar. Nailed it! So much that the video went viral and is expected to reach a half million viewers over the next few months.  Who is Mack Benton you say? Watch the video and take a listen to his music. You’d be surprised.



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