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Edges issue debut single ‘Walk Away’

When it comes to music Berlin is rather known for its pulsating and innovative electronic music scene. But it is also the place where Edges was born. The new folk/alternative project of singer, songwriter Sami Simon merges the warm and intimate vibe of folk music and its rustic images of woods and a fireplace with contemporary songwriting, expressing the fears and longings of a guy that grew up in the city. While exposing his innermost thoughts, Edges sounds melancholic but still hopeful, dreamy but still grounded and lively. As Sami is also a painter, he derived the name “Edges” from his painting style, creating edges and ridges as an integral part of the painting, suggesting that it is appreciated to stick out from time to time – not for sticking out itself or being something special, but for showing who you really are.

‘Walk Away’ is the first taste of Edges’ upcoming debut EP which will be released in fall 2016, being produced by Niklas Kramer, head of Still Parade, who already received great acclaim on the blogosphere with latest releases.

The song is a mix of a travelling- and a love song, dealing with the inner conflict of leaving and setting out to something new, but at the same time leaving things behind that you might not want to leave. The song starts off with an appealingly warm and folky acoustic guitar that is instantly accompanied by the dreamy and slightly dark touched voice of Sami Simon. Steady, laid back drums and crystalline pedal steel guitar lines totally hook you up with a classic country-folk flair of being on a dusty road under a wide open sky, while the chorus gives you that feeling of inner strife of saying goodbye, both intimate and painful. 

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