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Jaeger Wells Unveils New Music Video & Announces Deluxe EP Release

Jaeger Wells (Ed Sheeran meets The Maine) singer/songwriter is shaping the format of today’s true rock and roll by bringing guitar driven pop storylines to life. He masters the art of bridging personal triumphs and experiences into songs about heavy subject matters but with a twist. In 2015, Jaeger ventured to the studio with highly-acclaimed singer/songwriter/producer, Ace Enders (best known for The Early November), to write, record, produce Fever Dream Anthology, an EP filled with real life situations of love, loss, and everything in-between.

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Today, Jaeger Wells is thrilled to unveil Fever Dream Anthology: Deluxe Edition due out this September (9/9/16) featuring the original 5 positively charming anthems with his previous release (Fever Dream Anthology, 2015) and a newly developed punchy rock undertone of his original “Boston,” acoustic rendition of original “Plans,” smooth cover of Justin Timberlake’s smash “Can’t Stop The Feeling,” and powerfully charged acoustic/live studio cover of “Trailer Park Jesus” by Glassjaw to round out the deluxe edition. The EP features Vic Chan on Drums, Jaeger Wells on Guitar, Robin Macri-Gazza on Piano and Ace Enders on Bass and was also produced and engineered by Ace Enders.  Ace Enders had this to say about recording with Jaeger:

“It was a great experience, it was a nice and cool approach to recording songs and allowed us to use a different vocal technique. This is probably what made the record, which created a vibey texture that was different in the album, which allowed the rest of the songs to take shape. This was my favorite part of the entire experience. Not every artist is open to that and I think that’s why it came out so cool and it naturally formed the vibe around it.”

To commemorate this announcement, Jaeger Wells has exclusively partnered with Paste Magazine to unveil the brand new music video for hit single off Fever Dreamer Anthology and also on the deluxe version, “Sao Paulo Liars Club” which can be viewed here. Jaeger had this to add about the track:

“Sao Paulo came about when I first started traveling a great deal by myself. There were a lot of long hours on buses and planes to various places, some exotic, some not so much, where I felt like I was just in a catatonic  state of transit and mind. I tried to combat the creeping loneliness by holding onto any shred of comfort that I thought I could find. This song is about staring at the mini bar and listening to the violent hum you only hear in hospitals and hotels.”


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