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Show Review: Trash Boat, WSTR, Weatherstate, Campfires, The Attic, Glasgow – 25.06.16

Campfires from Aberdeen were up first on the bill Campfires-9 and for the sheer size of the venue the bands lead singer made full use of the space. Not even standing on the small stage, he was right down on the floor up and personal with the crowd. The band gave so much energy and it was really refreshing to see some Scottish talent in the pop punk scene. Definitely an up-and-coming band to look out for! I could already feel just how pop punk the show was going to be.

Weatherstate were only one of those bands I had heard about in passing an not bothered to check them out but what a big mistake I made. For me they were the perfect mix of anarchy rock and pop punk. Their song Piss It All Away was beyond catchy and I couldn’t help but think that something I can imagine that would make a massive crowd at a festival go insane. Even in the small room you could see people trying to pick up the words. They even took time to ask the audience whereabouts in Scotland they came from, most people from Glasgow so when they made sure there was nobody from Dundee they recalled a story from their first tour and I quote WeatherState-10we slept on a beech, it was pissing with rain and we had a shit tent so let’s give a big fuck you to Dundee” and of course the crowd were happy to oblige. They finished in a great way, saying it was a “tribute to WSTR“. They opened a circle pit and it was fantastic. 6 or 7 big guys in the pit just having the time of their lives. When the pit dispersed there was still a couple of the guys giving us a little dance in the center of the crowd.

WSTR were a band I’ve seen a couple of times before so I knew it was going to be mental. They have a dedicated group of fans up here in Glasgow and they were in full force. I couldn’t resist joining them for the set because what better way to get the vibe of the show than being right in the heart of the crowd screaming the words. It was such a great experience to witness their music up close an personal. Especially during their song Fair Weather that’s all about your friends being dicks but not wanting to change a thing about it and it’s so positive and happy.

Even before seeing them they’ve done covers before WSTR-14 and this time round we got Limp Bizket’s Break Stuff and they well an truly did break stuff. Speakers being kicked by crowd surfers, monitors being knocked over. It was riotous but one of the best renditions of the song I’ve ever seen done. WSTR did it so much justice and I would go as far as saying it was better than the original. WSTR just bring this absolute madness to the stage and it’s amazing. Their six song set felt like much longer because they just kept the crowd going right till the very end.

Trash Boat-6The start of Trash Boat‘s set had me in tears. They played the piss take version of The Universal Theme and I was crying, literally crying with laughter and that’s when the real madness started. I don’t think I’ve quite seen a band parallel Trash Boat in the way they sound. Yes they are pop punk but they make it their own. They have a great twist in their music and it makes for a really great show and being days just after the EU Referendum lead singer Tobi touched on the subject saying “You’re all Scottish so I bet there’s not a single person in this room who isn’t pissed off by the result, this vote was stolen from the younger generation” this was after we asked him earlier about the future of touring the The EU. It was nice have that chat in the middle of the set, I feel it made the band seem more human. Brought them down to earth.

I have so much respect for this band, the release of their Trash Boat-16debut album just over a week ago brought new music to the show and I was in awe to see how many of the crowd new the words and could sing along without a care. A Trash Boat crowd is one I was so stoked to be part of and they didn’t fail to deliver an incredibly show. Tobi had so much energy on the stage and it just overflowed and I think his energy had a lot of effect of the crowd because they were rowdy. Pits, crowdsurfing and looking for their seconds of fame, singing into that microphone. The set list was incredible and they finished the show with one of their new tracks ‘Strangers‘ and it was almost a religious experience to watch them. Just incredible. Trash Boat sound great on EP’s and Albums but live they are perfection.

Trash Boat

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