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New Single. The Living Statues: “I Never Asked”


The Living Statues were recently asked during their live set on RadioMilwaukee about staying relevant. Their answer seems to be found in their new single “I Never Asked,” which debuted today.

With a thumping bassline, that is sure to get the heart pumping, and an electrifying guitar riff the band have shed, at least for this single, their retro roots and have embraced a fully modern sound. And though it may have a different vibe from previous singles, The Living Statues remain true to themselves, staying slick and sharp with tight instrumentation, attitude, and killer visual lyrics such as “I see your silhouette in a cigarette/so I take a hit like I never quit.”

One can appreciate the dichotomy of the tune’s story of someone who is constantly burned, but at the moment is faced with a relationship they can’t see through even if they wanted to. We’ve all faced love we never asked for and The Living Statues put their own spin on a tale that has been told often in song and deliver it a razor sharp cool manner.

The last 30 seconds of the track brings a pure adrenaline rush to listeners, the type of pulsating instrumentals that all come together in a whammy of a finale to deliver a moment you will want to live in. From start to finish The Living Statues have crafted a song that sits well in their musical catalogue and begs to be played on the radio across the country. And with each single released the band keeps growing and showcasing that the best is still yet to come.

Buy on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/i-never-asked-single/id1124991882

Photo Credit: Leo Mascaro


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