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One of the most interesting independent artist in 2016

I am generally not the type of person to stick to definitions and cliches, but every time I stumble upon a new artist, I always tend to “see”  2 categories of performers: the first group is all about being a part of a trend or simply emulating notorious artist,  thinking that if something is popular,they will just tag along and follow the trend. The second group, on the other hand,  is much more about making music whose main characteristics live in individual expression and passion, without much care for fleeting trends or fashion statements..

Paul Pedana is a song-writer and performer who definitely fits within the parameters of group number 2: His personal blend of music styles and creative focus is an open door to a set of songs that sport a great mix of beautiful melodies, punchy rhythms and earnest vocal performances that hit the mark in a very genuine and memorable way.
Originally from Italy, Paul has been playing music since the young age of 6, when he took up piano lessons, to later move on to guitar and drums. It did not take long before Paul (born “Paolo” set out to start his first band and kept becoming a better and better composer. His talent seemed unstoppable, but Paolo had to face a terrible tragedy when he was hit by a bus right outside of his high school. In spite of all the odds, Paul managed to pull off a recovery and eventually got back on his feet, following a lengthy recovery and a traumatic experience. It is perhaps because of the accident that Paul acquire more awareness of the importance of following one’s passion through life: he loved music in spite of everything and kept the flame alive, first as a member of successful band “Anthropos”, later as a solo artist.

Paul’s  recent releases are a couple of singles that offer a candid portrait of the artist, connecting with listeners as a vivid snapshot of his outstanding musical prowess and uncommon composition abilities. 

While tracks such as “Free”  shine a light on Paul’s edgier side, particularly highlighting his fondness for personal arrangements and vivid lyrics, “Kate” strike for its uplifting romanticism and brightness.

The band consist of: Paul Pedana (lead vocals, guitar, piano), Denis Efimenko (lead guitar, backing vocals), Lef Germenlis (keyboards, backing vocals), Eduardo Fajardo (Bass), Nitzan Ravhon (Drums, Percussions)

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