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The Soft Underground – Lost in Translation

The Soft Underground breaks through with their nostalgic and alternative laced, vibrant debut Lost in Translation. The album comes through two-years of carefully perfecting each track for the record, to create a stunning EP that is ambitious and lively from beginning to end.


The Soft Underground’s first time out of the gates is truly an impressive one. Tending not to follow the trends, and following their heart instead, Lost in Translation is filled with unique and hazy influences, as the group recalls the influences of 90s past from My Bloody Valentine to Smashing Pumpkins


Combining forces, The Soft Underground was initially formed in New York City, spearheaded by Andrew McCarty on drums, and Charlie Hickey on guitar. Garnering a friendship over their favorite bands, the two decided to start playing music together, and recruited Brannon Barnett to sing vocals for the band. \


The release is an impressive record, that has the sense and songwriting ability of a band wise beyond their years. Their musicianship throughout the record is astonishing and shines through pieces such as  “Untrue,” and “Paper Stars.”


With a dose of Rock sensibility in tow, they offers up a record that is noteworthy and captivating, as they bring the songs to life with every note. As a whole the record flows together perfectly.


I’m excited to hear what else The Soft Underground has up their sleeve!


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