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Highway 50 – The Violet Project

Highway 50 hit the road with their EP debut The Violet Project. The group is lead by Al Laughlin, whose name you may also know from The Samples’ fame. Being one of the most prominent musicians to come out of Colorado, Laughlin brings an eclectic mix to the table, sharing his years of musical experience to bring a fresh and impressive new sound to Highway 50.


Showcasing further this songwriting talents, the craftsmanship of the songs are featured throughout the record, especially in songs such as “Gonna Make It Anyway” and “Just the Way I Am.” The distinct elements are skillfully constructed in each piece, with careful details to melody and notes. “Pyrite Gold,” the first single from the albums is enticing and energetic with a feel-good video to booth.


Breaking away from his sound in The Samples, Laughlin embraces a fresh-outlook on the Ska and Reggae genre by infusing it with prominent dashes of Jazz-sensibility. From the horn section adding a glorious soud


The band’s lineup also notaby includes guitarists James Hambleton and Scott Higgins; percussion Jeep MacNichol (also formally of The Samples), Brian Nevin (of Big Head Todd and the Monsters), Raoul Rossiter, and Sam Young; horn players Andrew McNew, Sarah Mount and Matt Planer; bassists Chris Wright and Tony Soto, which round out the group.


Highway 50’s The Violet Project is out now.


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