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Fantastic Negrito at The Viaduct in Los Angeles, CA on 05/19/2016

The sight of subways trains rolling by while we wait was not the first thought of a concert view. When you think of concerts you think packed, hot venues. Being stuffed in like sardines and paying outrageous prices for tickets and drinks. Well Kensington Presents is changing the music scene in Los Angeles one show at a time. Outside under the lights of LA under the North Broadway Bridge is “The Viaduct“.. Stage was set, lights, laid grass for the people to sit on. Charging a donation only at the door to the RSVP only show was a new way of seeing a concerts. The atmosphere was awesome for my words.

Tonight’s headliner was Fantastic Negrito (aka songwriter Xavier Dphrepaulezz). Hailing from Oakland, Ca bringing his Black Roots, Blues Rock to under the streets of Los Angeles. With his eclectic attire, full band, wild hair and a voice that will sit in your soul from the first note he sings. The show was magical in every aspect. Kids and adults dancing to the bass rhythms coming from the band.

Fantastic Negrito’s debut full-length record, The Last Days of Oakland, is out June 3rd via Blackball Universe.

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