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Resilient – Debut Album Imagining Things Coming July 2016!

The explosively powerful debut Alt-Rock album Imagining Things from Resilient is ready to be officially released for the summer of 2016!  With layers of serious depth that reveal tight songwriting, emotionally-heavy material and a tremendous edge that sets this Philadelphia-based band clearly apart from the rest – Resilient are ready to make themselves known to the rest of the world and this brand-new album will have no problems establishing that introduction to you all.

Gigantic, meaty guitar-riffs and HUGE sounds rule supremely on Resilient’s debut record.  With their own special brand of twisted Rock-music branching out into progressive rhythms & heavy grooves – this four-piece band released their title-track and first-single from Imagining Things at the end of April, 2016 and are already leaving critics & fans alike stunned with the brilliant dynamics of their combined talents.

Whether it’s the intensity of the drums or the powerhouse vocals, the adventurous guitar-lines or sweet rumble of their bass, Resilient has created music designed to leave a memorable impact on music-fans worldwide.  With music as insightful & thought-provoking easily as powerful as the crunch of their sound – Resilient is ready to take the world by storm on Imagining Things…or if necessary…by force!


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