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Album Review: Dead Register – Fiber

Dead Register Fiber Cover Art

Dead Register is unfurling its debut album, Fiber on May 6th via their own label, AVR Records. Difficult to describe, Dead Register’s sound is gloomy and dark. It showcases how a bass should be played, and it is unlike anything receiving airplay at this moment. If there is one thing this review cannot stress enough, it’s to buy this album and treat yourself to something truly unique.

Comprising only three band members, Dead Register consists of M. Chvasta on vocals, bass, and Bass IV; his wife, Avril Che on bass synths, textures, keys, and backing vocals, and Chad Williams on drums. Familiar faces on the local Atlanta, Georgia scene, Fiber represents six of the band’s favorite tracks.

The album opens strong with “Alone,” also present on Dead Register’s demo, TRVNS BLVK. The first few notes beckon listeners in before opening to a gothic landscape built upon alternating bass riffs, low-end keys, synths, and drum beats that live somewhere between slow and mid-tempo. M. Chvasta’s voice fits the atmosphere perfectly, as it almost echoes across the chorus, crooning, “You’re not alone anymore.” The sheer number of layers is impressive in this more than nine-minute long track and a precursor to what the other five songs have in store.

Title track, “Fiber” is also a standout. Light strumming quickly tantalizes listeners before the entire band kicks in with a pulsing rhythm and overwhelming feeling of doom. M. Chvasta’s vocals are exceptional on the chorus, where they carry a tinge of anguish. The lyrics compound this overall feeling, speaking to the emotions inherent to a failing relationship—which could easily be with oneself or a romantic partner. The Bass IV solo just after the four-minute mark somehow accurately captures the turmoil of the situation.

The accompanying music video increases the song’s power, giving this reviewer both chills and making her overwhelmingly excited for this sound to exist.

Want to know more about Dead Register? Check them out on Facebook and order Fiber here.

1. Alone
2. Fiber
3. Drawing Down
4. Grave
5. Entwined
6. Incendiary


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