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Un5gettable – “Sorry” single

Un5gettable – “Sorry” single

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The Midwestern five piece Un5gettable are marvelous satire targeting the ever ridiculous phenomenon of bubblegum pop with a ton of good natured humor. This isn’t highbrow comedy or locker room humor, but instead has a strong silly and absurdist vibe without descending into outright juvenility. Their latest single “Sorry” reflects that approach well and deals with romantic mishaps without any real hint of rancor. It’s also noteworthy that this is gender-neutral humor – meaning that the subject matter lends itself to an exclusively male comedic point of view, but never dwells there. Un5gettable have written a song that’s laugh out loud funny to a wide swath of possible listeners.

Harmony vocals form the musical bedrock of everything the five piece does. The song opens with simple piano accompaniment and a mix of solo and multi-part vocals. Acoustic guitar soon enters, but the instrumental elements are played down in favor of placing the voices front and center. It isn’t a bad decision. These are essentially musical skits and the backing needs to be solid and evocative without ever overwhelming the material. The joke’s punch-line arrives with the chorus and it’s a good reward for the listener’s attention. Songwriter Joe Cameron, however, keeps churning out one funny elaboration on the situation after another. One important reason among many why this works is because the songwriting stays resolutely focused on the joke. The song never pushes its charms on the listener for too long, but it never really reaches far outside of its comfortable groove and one can’t help but wish the chorus packed a little added punch. It isn’t a serious flaw however. The same glide guiding the song’s verses stays consistent through the refrain and even the bridge maintains the same relaxed, inviting mood.

Un5gettable’s voices blend seamlessly and have a wonderfully organic quality. There’s no audible sign of any member straining to find their range in the rich multi-part vocals and they refrain, as songwriters, from over-complicating their approach. This strengthens the accessibility of writing that’s already direct and imminently relatable. The singers present themselves with the right amount of easy going affability and an apparent lack of all ego. They clearly work well together. The lyrical content doesn’t overindulge and has a lean, economical approach that emphasizes the humor at the expense of characterizations or potentially wasting the listener’s time.

Un5gettable’s unique brand of humor and musicianship will strike some as a little light, but many will be entertained. This is the sort of humor lacking from popular music today. Un5gettable’s situations have an entertaining silliness, but they are ripped from the pages of our every day lives and don’t aggressively challenge our standards of propriety. The lyrical and vocal content are empathized over the instrumental, but the five piece has extensive musical theater experience to pull from and it helps shapes that part of each song into a solid entertainment experience. “Sorry” is good fun for all, never too serious but still worthwhile, and should add much to the group’s growing reputation.

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