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The World Abuzz! Jason Aldean’s Upcoming Album and Events in 2016

Who haven’t heard of this singer before? Jason Aldean is a very well-known singer. His name is pretty much known around the world.

He has countless fans waiting for the release of his singles and albums as well as hoping to see every concert he has.

So, what’s new about this singer this year then? You see, the world sure is currently buzzing with his upcoming seventh studio album and events.

Don’t you want to talk some more about it? If you are truly his fans, you need to know what he has been working on these days. Let’s see here.

The Untitled Upcoming Album

There might have been up to 6 albums that have been released by Jason Aldean so far. However, Jason has never been so passive about releasing one album after the other.

You can really expect no less from this singer. This very year, he has actually been working on his seventh album.

It is not yet being officially titled. However, this album has been introduced already, with a country-rocker.

He did admit though that the rocker was only a last-minute add-on. What’s currently so popular about this album is that the first single has been decided for it.

The “Lights Come On” Single

That very single for the upcoming seventh album, is entitled as Lights Come On. It was first released on country radio on April 1, 2016.

Its back-to-basics track was said to be partially penned by Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley.

It was at that time when Jason got an email from FGL and listened to the song that he got the feeling it was the song that was missing for the record of his newest album.

Thus, the song was recorded and made its debut at the ACM Awards that took place in Las Vegas. Even Jason’s wife takes a liking to this song.

The Six String Circus Tour

“As soon as I heard it I was like, ‘Alright this is our first single. This is what we’ve been missing for the record.’” That is what Jason said when he first heard of the song sent by FGL.

He liked it so much that he decided it to be the first single of his upcoming seventh album. It was even recorded within a matter of days.

Although it has made its debut already, this song actually has been prepared for the Six String Circus Tour which was planned to begin from May 19.

People can really expect to hear Jason performing live with this song in that tour soon.

The We Were Here Tour

Before you can expect to see Jason Aldean in his Six String Circus Tour, he is actually in the middle of his current tour that is We Were Here Tour.
It is the very first tour he has ever been going to perform in Australia in his career. It might have started on January 14, 2016.

However, there are still some concerts left to witness with your own very eyes till this tour ends on May 6, 2016.

The previous shows of this tour have been sold out. Surely, the upcoming event left of it will be practically the same as well. It is Jason Aldean who performs after all.

With A Thousand Horsed and Thomas Rett to perform in the tour’s opening acts too, this event will surely be a great one people have ever witnessed so far.
Jason is sure to make this tour as great as or even better than the last tour. It will be a great one to see before the Six String Circus Tour above with Jason’s first single of his upcoming album being performed on stage.

People must have been looking for cheap Jason Aldean tickets for those upcoming events already. Sure, they don’t want to miss the chance of seeing him live to perform their favorite songs of his.

There you go. Jason Aldean sure has made the world abuzz with his upcoming album and events in 2016.

As expected from him, his existence has been quite something for the music world. Expecting every single, album, and event of his has never been a waste of time.

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