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Sharon Knight Releases Stunning New Album, “Portals”

Sharon Knight has just unleashed her new record, Portals, that is a truly a labor of love. The San Francisco based artist shares an eclectic collection of songs that will enlighten your ears and heart. Knight armed with a mandolin and her intricate vocals, takes on the world one song at at time.
Opening the record is the stunning piece, “Crimson Masquerade,” which is boisterous from the beginning; showing the extreme passion that Knight has poured into the record. The emotions start to come to life within each song, bleeding one into the other.  Knight is accompanied by her longtime collaborator and guitarist, Winter, who helps to create a sound they refer to as “Neofolk Romantique.” A bit of Celtic elements are also brought into the limelight, as it is one of the driving forces behind Knight’s music.

Standout tracks on the record include the nostalgic sounding “Scent of Your Skin,” in which the piece evokes a nostalgic blast of 1970s Heart, and the intricate sounds of “Slipped Away.” Pieces such as “Song for a Savior” bring to the limelight Knight’s high-range vocals that add to the perfection on Portals.

Throughout the album Knight goes above and beyond to blend elements of modern Folk and classic Celtic music which drives the record home. Her skills as a musician and songwriter goes above and beyond as her passion shines through, with romantic yet often melancholy lyrics.

Taking to her mandolin as if it was an electric guitar, Knight’s musical skills and use of instrumentation are mesmerizing. Combined with her gorgeous and poetic lyrics, the record brings listeners on a musical journey with many surprises in store. Knights distinct voice is smooth and sultry, as the lyrics paint a picture within every song.

Sharon Knight’s Portals  is a dreamy landscape for 2016, and a definite must have in your music collection.


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