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Show Review & Gallery: PUSCIFER at Bergan PAC, Englewood, NJ 04.12.16

PUSCIFER made a stop at Englewood’s Bergen PAC as part of their Money Shot – Round 2 tour. The tour kicked off in March after a successful Round 1 tour. PUSCIFER is the side project of A Perfect Circle and TOOL singer Maynard James Keenan. Joining him in PUSCIFER are guitar player Mat Mitchell, singer Carina Round, drummer Jeff Friedl, keyboard player/vocalist Mahasa Zargaran and the newest addition to the band, bassist Paul Barker. Some of these names may look familiar, as they have played with Maynard in A Perfect Circle.

PUSCIFER is a complete 360 from your ordinary concert. It’s a unique performance that is so much more than a concert. When fans go to a show now at days, they expect to see several opening bands, who are then followed by the headliner. However, that is not the case with PUSCIFER. They are known for having out there, bizarre themes. The theme for the current tour is no different – Lucha Libre. Yep, you heard that correctly! From the album cover of Money Shot to the full size wrestling ring dead center stage. It’s very clear and written all over.

The show kicked off with a 30 minute sketch performance featuring, no other than four masked professional wrestlers. VIP’s got a front row seat up on the stage from the bleachers, as they watched one of the funniest, high flying wrestling matches. The wrestling match was full of different surprises and got the crowd pumped up… they went wild. From choker holds to wrestlers bouncing off the ropes in the ring, it was a great way to kick off the show.

As the wrestling match came to end, a loud voice took over the speakers to warn fans in the audience that a cobra was on the loose. The cobra was found mid-show and thankfully no one was bit during the show. The man himself, Maynard James Keenan took the stage. Carrying on the theme of Lucha Libre, Keenan was dressed in a full suit with an old school wrestling mask. The mask stayed on for the entire show, where Carina and Maynard took turns singing from the stage and inside the wrestling ring.

One of the most fantastic performances of the night was The Remedy off of PUSCIFER’s newest album, Money Shot. Maynard James Keenan put on a stellar performance, where his vocals were on point. The live performance of this song puts the record to shame, as the live performance tops it – no doubt about it. I felt was I was watching a live music video in the making; the performance of the band was on spot plus the wrestlers on each side of the stage on the bleachers mocking one another. Add in the massively sized LED screen that was hanging dead center behind on the wrestling ring on the stage, from the floor to ceiling. It was definitely something to see.

PUSCIFER is out on the road through June, with dates ranging from the west coast of the United States to Europe and beyond. Their newest release Money Shot is eagerly waiting for you on store shelves. Buy it – do it! Also…catch them live and support live music from real bands, who deserve it.

For more information on PUSCIFER:
Official PUSCIFER Website

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